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Five Reasons YVC’s Service-Learning Lessons Are For You

Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) is delighted to present you with five reasons to download our service-learning lessons today. Backed by years of effective youth programming and evaluation, these lessons will not disappoint. We know teachers face many demands, let us save you lesson planning time.

In an effort to provide more resources to educators, we have recently uploaded valuable service-learning lessons to Teachers Pay Teachers, the world’s most popular online marketplace for original educational resources.

Five Reasons YVC’s Service-Learning Lessons Are For You

  1. They are specifically crafted for youth 11-18
  2. Detailed plans provide a complete lesson outline and can be adapted to fit various classroom schedules
  3. Each lesson tackles real-world issues youth care about
  4. Service-learning creates a partnership between youth and their community
  5. These lessons will empower youth to invest in their community and understand that they have the power to create real change

YVC is a youth development organization focused on creating meaningful service opportunities through service-learning activities in the classroom and in the community. Learn more about our program model, find a YVC in your community, or get details on how to start a YVC.