Current IYAB Members 2020-2021

Brett, Alpena, MI – IYAB Executive Team

Brett is currently 17 years old and he is a volunteer from the Youth Volunteer Corps in Alpena, Michigan. Alpena is in the northeast area of Michigan’s lower peninsula, sitting right on the edge of the Thunder Bay, which is off of Lake Huron. He is going into his senior year of high school, and this is his third consecutive year as a member of IYAB. In the future, he hopes to go to college for architecture. He am very excited to see what this IYAB term has to bring and he is ready to face new challenges!

Alison, Anderson, SC

Alison is 13 years old and going to be a freshman in the 2020-2021 school year. This will be her second term with IYAB. She has been a dedicated volunteer since October 2017. Over this time Alison has served 167.75 hours with her local YVC, Anderson, South Carolina. In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix, cooking Muay Thai, spending time with friends/family, learning Spanish, and studying her bible. Alison can’t wait for her local YVC’s first projects back in August 2020! Thank you for reading and check out some other IYAB member’s bios.

Emma, Ann Arbor, MI​

Emma is a rising sophomore. She is looking forward to making a difference with the Youth Volunteer Corps and serving her first term on the IYAB! Outside of these efforts, Emma is also involved with the local community through her work at a local educational nonprofit where she develops programs supporting disadvantaged youth. In her free time Emma enjoys participating in all things musical theater. She also enjoys reading and playing violin. Emma is so grateful to be a part of this YVC team and can’t wait for a great year!

Iliana, Calgary, AB – IYAB Co-Chair and Executive Team

Iliana is a grade twelve student from Calgary, Canada. She was a member of IYAB last term and is very excited to be back as Co-Chair for this year. Iliana is an avid volunteer with YVC and is a member of her local YVC Steering Committee. A licensed swim instructor, Iliana volunteers in the pool on weekends. She hopes to return to her work with Calgary Recreation in the fall where she supports an afterschool program. In her free time Iliana likes to avoid homework, get bubble tea and ski.

Estelle, Calgary, AB

Estelle is currently a grade 12 student and has been volunteering with YVC for about 3 years. When she’s not doing her never-ending list of schoolwork as an IB student, she could be found sleeping, hiking, or laughing hysterically with her soulmate, Iliana Cutten. Estelle loves dedicating her time towards the YVC program and is always searching for different ways to serve the needs of her local community. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and hopes to contribute to the field of behavioural neuroscience. Estelle aspires to become a billionaire.

Neil-Erine, Calgary, AB

Neil is incredibly excited to be working with IYAB this year! Neil’s interests and passions include volunteerism, theatre, music, and dance! Neil is going into grade 11 at Central Memorial High School, the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts in Calgary, Alberta. Although the world seems rather grim, Neil believes that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel and that we should keep working towards kindness and a better world.

Malorie, Cedar City, UT – IYAB Co-Chair and Executive Team

Malorie is an 18-year-old who has been with the YVC program for about 6 years. This is her third term on IYAB and second term on the Executive team. As a senior this year, Malorie will be able to graduate with her associate’s degree and plans to attend college at SUU in Southern Utah. She loves to bake, play softball, volleyball, night games, and hang out with her friends. She enjoys bingeing a good show as well as well as cuddle up with a good scary movie. She is excited for this upcoming year and everyone she’ll meet.

Vansh, Charleston, SC

Vansh is a senior at the South Carolina Governor’s School of Science and Mathematics. He is a member of the Youth Advisory Board of YVC Charleston. His hobbies include playing the guitar, playing basketball, and volunteering when he can. His favorite subjects in school are physics and calculus. He is a part of the Men’s’ Basketball Team, National Honors Society, and Academic Team. His time spent learning about, coordinating, leading, and participating in service events through the Youth Advisory Board and the annual Summit has helped him fulfill his passion to give back to his local community.

Benjamin, Columbia, SC

Westwood High School freshmen Benjamin is the co-author of the children’s book, The Day Dennis Lost His Whoo! Benjamin is a SC Junior Scholar and is a member of DukeTIP, Johns Hopkins CTY, Beta Club, Jack and Jill of America, and the 1904 Society. In his free time, he enjoys learning new languages, playing sports, gaming, reading, and cooking. Benjamin’s role model President Barack Obama said, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Hannah, Corvallis, OR

Hannah is a senior in high school from Corvallis, Oregon! She enjoys fencing, biking, painting, and just plain living. She loves long drives and sunsets, going to the beach, and listening to her favorite music, (Niall Horan and Jon Bellion,) and is slightly obsessed with Oreos, if you ever need to make her smile. Hannah is serving her second term on IYAB, and she is so excited to be working with such an amazing team!

Kate, Corvallis, OR

Kate is a junior at Crescent Valley High School in Corvallis, Oregon. She has volunteered with YVC since 2017 and has served on her local YAB since 2019. This is her first year on IYAB. Outside of academics, she edits her school’s newspaper and serves as a co-captain of her school’s Speech and Debate team. She also plays tenor saxophone in band and participates in Leadership and Crescent Valley’s Core Council of student government. In her free time, she loves to read, write, do yoga and bullet journal. She’s a self-identified nerd, and loves leadership and community service!

Vidya, Des Moines, IA

Vidya is a senior from Des Moines, Iowa. This is her second year on IYAB and her third year volunteering with YVC. Apart from volunteering, she loves to draw and read as well as play golf and run cross country. She is super excited for this year, despite the new hurdles thrown our way.

Akilah, Hampton Roads, VA

Akilah is a junior at Smithfield High School, residing in Smithfield, Virginia. In school, she participates in National Beta Club, Varsity Volleyball, and the YVC club at her school. Being a part of Youth Volunteer Corps in Hampton Roads since the seventh grade, her love for volunteering has grown passionately over the years. She’s always looking forward to helping others in her community and further. She’s excited to work with the other amazing volunteers on IYAB and make a positive impact on the organization!

Brianna, Hampton Roads, VA

Brianna is a rising sophomore at York High School in Yorktown, Virginia. She has been proudly serving with Youth Volunteer Corps in Hampton Roads for four years and has been on the Hampton Roads Youth Advisory Board for three years. Outside of volunteering she enjoys playing sports and hanging out with friends. She plays lacrosse and field hockey. She is excited to be on IYAB this year to make new friends and serve by them!

William, Hampton Roads, VA

Will is a senior from Hampton Roads, Virginia. He actively volunteers as a member of the Youth Volunteer Corps in Hampton Roads. His favorite YVC projects are those that let him meet new people and interact directly with community members. In addition to his passion for volunteering, he is also involved on his high school’s sailing, swimming, and baseball teams. In his free time, he can be found coding or backpacking in the mountains of VA. Will is extremely excited to serve as a member of the International Youth Advisory Board this year!

Caroline, Kansas City, KS/MO – IYAB Executive Team

Caroline is a tenth grader in Kansas City. She has served with YVC for 5 years and she loves volunteering. This is Caroline’s second year on the International Youth Advisory Board and her third on her local Youth Advisory board. Her favorite part about YVC is helping other youth find a passion for service. Caroline’s favorite volunteer projects are helping children and working with individuals with disabilities. ​Outside of volunteering, Caroline loves taekwondo and band.

Dilanka, Kansas City, KS/MO

Dilanka (Dil) currently serves for YVCKC! He is a rising senior at Manhattan High School and in addition to volunteering, he enjoys hanging out with friends, practicing piano, and reading classics! At school, he’s started the Civic and Community Engagement Club, is currently serving as Student Body Vice President, and has been a State Officer for the Topeka Model UN for the past 2 years! In these unique and disconcerting times, we require proactive leaders in our society today. With IYAB, he helps lead those who will take us to a better tomorrow!

Cadey, Muskogee, OK

Cadey has been volunteering with YVC in Muskogee since September of 2018. In her time of being a member of YVC, she has received the 100-in-1 award and Gold in the President’s Volunteer Service Award. She is currently a junior at Hilldale High School and President of the NIKE Club. Her interests include reading novels, playing video games, spending time with her family, and most importantly playing with her pets! Since she has joined YVC, she has come to understand what she can do to make a difference in her community.

Xinyan, Muskogee, OK

Xinyan has been volunteering with the YVC of Muskogee for 3 years now. She is a senior at the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics and at school, she is the project manager of the environmental committee, participates in TEAM+S competition, and a Governor’s Scholar. Her hobbies include dancing to K-Pop songs, hanging out with friends, and just being outdoors. At YVC, she found a community of supportive people while also discovering what she has to offer for her community. This is her first time serving on IYAB and she can’t wait to see what IYAB can accomplish together!

Rahul, Plymouth, MI – IYAB Executive Team

Rahul is going to be a freshman this year at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park. This will be his second year on IYAB and his first year on the Executive Team. He is very excited to be a part of the Executive Team this year because he loves the work IYAB does. Outside of volunteering you can find Rahul on the baseball fields, watching football, playing video games, or hanging out with his friends and family.

Shruti, Plymouth, MI – IYAB Executive Team

Shruti is in 9th grade at Plymouth High School. She lives in Canton, MI, but volunteers with YVC in Plymouth, MI. She loves reading, running, and, of course, volunteering. She has been volunteering with YVC for three years, with Plymouth YAB for two years, and with IYAB for one year. She is passionate about spreading positivity throughout the world and enjoys using her influence in YVC to help people in need. She hopes to advocate an altruistic lifestyle, even when she pursues her career in college and beyond.

Karleigh, Reading, PA

Heart-warming, humbling, and life-changing are just three of the words Karleigh, a senior at Exeter High School, easily names when thinking about what volunteering means to her. Karleigh began volunteering with YVC in Reading last year during her first term on her local YAB and has been participating in every project that she can with YVC since. When she’s not volunteering, Karleigh is constantly on the go. As a member of her school’s NHS, Environmental Club, writer for her school newspaper, a chair for Exeter’s Mini-THON, and a frequent performer in community theatre, Karleigh has created a busy, but enriching path for herself as she nears the finish line of her high school career.

Annmarie, St. Joseph, MO

Annmarie is a senior at Central High School in Saint Joseph, Missouri. She plans on pursuing a career in the medical field. She is a board member of the YVC of Saint Joseph. In school, Annmarie is a member of the Chess Club, Sewing Club, and Baking Club. She is also a Central High School Cheerleader. In addition, she competes in All-Star cheerleading. Annmarie likes to hang out with her friends and listen to music. She enjoys volunteering with various community organizations. Annmarie is proud to serve on the IYAB this term!

Emani, Philadelphia, PA