A career with Youth Volunteer Corps is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the nonprofit world. You will join a network of individuals who all share a passion for providing youth across North America with the opportunities they deserve. By entering the YVC network you will be part of a network with more than thirty years of hard work and dedication to inspiring youth for a lifetime commitment to service. You will work with a wide variety of people from all types of cultures and communities, and be given the opportunity to learn and grow. YVC gives you the resources that you need to succeed while also encouraging you to develop your own. You will help YVC grow larger than ever before. Start a career with YVC today!


YVC Headquarters Positions

Currently hiring: 

Youth Engagement Specialist – full time

Team Leader

Currently hiring in: 

Wichita, KS- Part Time Summer Team Leader

YVC team leaders are an essential part of our organization. As a team leader, you will be responsible for leading, facilitating, and supervising summer projects in your community.  Through service-learning, you will provide volunteers with knowledge about why they are doing the project, and the effect it will have on their community.