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Youth Volunteer Corps is thrilled to announce an expansion of our Volunteer for 15 program in partnership with the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation. We are taking a giant leap forward by transitioning the program into a year-long initiative, offering even more opportunities for the youth in our community to make a positive impact!

What is the Volunteer for 15 Program?

The Volunteer for 15 program is a collaborative effort between YVC and the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation. It encourages and celebrates youth engagement in community service by challenging individuals to dedicate 15 hours to volunteer service in their community throughout the year.

Exciting News: Year-Round Engagement!

We are proud to make the Volunteer for 15 program a year-round commitment. This means that youth can now engage in volunteer activities throughout the entire year, allowing for a more sustained and impactful contribution to our community.

Exclusive Rewards for Youth Volunteers!

To recognize and appreciate the dedication of our young volunteers, we are introducing special rewards for those who complete 15 hours of service with Youth Volunteer Corps. Upon reaching this milestone, each youth volunteer will receive:


  • A personalized Certificate of Completion and a heartfelt letter of appreciation from NFL Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes
  • A chance to win an NFL Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes autographed football

Why Year-Round?

Expanding the Volunteer for 15 program to a year-round initiative allows us to foster a culture of continuous community service and provides young individuals with more flexibility to engage in projects aligned with their interests and schedules.

How Can You Get Involved?

Getting involved is easy! Simply register with a Youth Volunteer Corps near you and sign up to participate in a project. As you accumulate 15 hours of service, you’ll automatically qualify for the exclusive rewards, including the certificate and the personal letter from Patrick Mahomes.

Don’t Have A YVC Affiliate Near You?

No problem! Click here and read how you can still participate!

Spread the Word!

Help us spread the word about this exciting development! Share the news with your friends, family, and community members. Encourage the youth to embrace the spirit of volunteerism and make a positive impact on our community.

Together, we can make a difference! Thank you for your continued support and commitment to creating a better, more compassionate world.

Press Releases

We believe our stories will resonate with all audiences and further highlight the importance of community service, especially when championed by influential figures like Patrick Mahomes. For any further information you may need or to arrange interviews or provide additional quotes upon request, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Betsy Calmer, bcalmer@yvc.org or cell: 573.690.4390.

Thank you for considering sharing our stories. We look forward to the possibility of working together to spotlight this significant initiative.

Youth volunteer 22,764 hours in ``Volunteer for 15`` challenge through partnership between Youth Volunteer Corps and 15 and The Mahomies Foundation.

September 5, 2023 (Kansas City, Mo.) – Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and Super Bowl LVII MVP Patrick Mahomes II and his foundation, “15 and the Mahomies” partnered with Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) for the second year to launch “Volunteer for 15,” a program encouraging youth ages 11-18 to volunteer at least 15 hours between May 1 and August 31.

The “Volunteer for 15” program aims to inspire young people to positively impact their communities through volunteerism. Through YVC, youth develop valuable skills and gain a sense of empowerment and fulfillment through serving others.

“I am so impressed by these kids and the impact they’re making in their communities.” said Patrick Mahomes. “I’m proud of each of them for taking the Volunteer for 15 pledge and giving back at such a young age.”

Courtesy of Patrick and an anonymous donor, the top two Volunteer for 15 youth who served the most hours received an opportunity to attend a Chiefs home game this season or an autographed football from Patrick.

This was the second summer for the Volunteer for 15 program. This year, youth volunteered 22,764 hours between May 1 and August 31. From last summer to this summer, there has been an 86% increase in involvement, which indicates the Volunteer for 15 initiative has been a huge success.

“We are thrilled by the response to the Volunteer for 15 challenge,” said Youth Volunteer Corps CEO Tracy Hale. “We anticipate the program growing each summer and are always excited to see what the youth will accomplish in their communities through Volunteer for 15.”


Take a look at what Patrick Mahomes and Marques Fitch, Executive Director of the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation, had to say.
Volunteer for 15