Since 1987, YVC Youth Volunteers have served more than 5 million hours.

Not only are community needs met, but youth are transformed through volunteering.

In a recent survey of YVC Youth Volunteers following service projects:

-99% say their service with YVC helped them realize they can make a difference.

-93% say volunteering helps them know more about their communities’ needs.

-93% say YVC helps them empathize with people who are different from themselves.

-96% say they will continue to volunteer in the future–it’s now part of their lives.

Benefits of Affiliation

We have more than 30 years of experience in the field of youth service and Youth Volunteer Corps locations all across the U.S. and Canada. We are committed to providing each one the ongoing support needed to ensure success. No matter how much the YVC family grows, it’s still a family.


We are proud to provide the following benefits

  • Hampton Roads 11.9.13 (3)A proven youth service model for any size community along with the research to back it up.
  • Personal support, from training for every new program to ongoing technical assistance, and peer-learning opportunities. Most importantly, when you call our office, a real person from our small team will answer and help in any way they can.
  • The recognition of being part of a larger, international movement of high-quality youth service.
  • Fundraising guidance, from YVC-specific grant templates and notifications of opportunities to tailored advice and grant editing from our fundraising team.
  • Our annual Summit, which provides YVC staff and youth training, leadership development, recognition for outstanding achievements and the chance to meet colleagues from across the U.S. and Canada to share ideas, stories and inspiration.
  • A variety of affiliate grants, scholarships, milestone awards and leadership opportunities that recognize, honor and support the exemplary youth volunteers that inspire us every day and the organizations that enable them to do so. Each year, a small group of youth volunteers serve on the International Youth Advisory Board, which provides youth perspective to YVC Headquarters while bringing new ideas back to their local programs.
  • Exclusive access to a wealth of online resources, from field-tested forms and training guides to grant templates and service-learning ideas that reflect nearly three decades of experience creating high-quality youth service opportunities.
  • Custom-built, web-based volunteer management software that can track and report quantitative and qualitative data on volunteers, projects, schools, agency partners and more to generate the data needed to write grants, create annual reports and find out how diverse your program is.
  • Marketing support from ready-to-use press releases and T-shirts at bulk rates to social media training and award-winning promotional materials printed on-demand.
  • An annual evaluation and support plan designed to help programs address areas for improvement and capitalize on strengths, as well as a variety of user-friendly program measurement tools custom-designed for YVC.
  • Bulk-rate volunteer insurance, which provides excess accident, personal liability and auto liability coverage that goes beyond traditional policies to make sure your organization and your volunteers are protected.
  • Customized websites that streamline recruitment, simplify the sign-up process for youth volunteers and increase accessibility for agencies to request your service on a project.
  • Youth Volunteer Corps works with local, national and international government, nonprofit and business leaders to promote the causes that affect our work through related legislation and funding opportunities.