Benefits of Affiliation

We have over 35 years of experience in the field of youth service and a large community of practitioners all over the US and Canada. We are committed to providing each one of our YVC programs the ongoing support needed for success.

We are proud to provide the following benefits for all Youth Volunteer Corps affiliates:

A research-based youth service model that is turnkey for any size community.

Personal support including training, technical assistance, and peer-led opportunities.

A network of practitioners that provide an international movement of high-quality youth service.

Fundraising guidance including tailored advice from our fundraising team.

Funding opportunities from YVC Headquarters.

Annual Summit, which provides training, leadership development, and recognition for outstanding achievements for program directors and youth.

Youth opportunities including scholarships, milestone awards, local youth advisory boards, grants written and evaluated by youth, and more.

An International Youth Advisory Board for youth leaders to provide perspective to YVC Headquarters and impact their own YVC programs.

Exclusive access to online resources, field-tested forms, training guides, grant templates, service-learning ideas, and more information that reflect 35 years of high-quality youth service opportunities.

A custom-built, web-based volunteer management software that can track and report volunteer hours and information for both youth and program directors.

Marketing support including press releases, t-shirts, promotional materials, and social media templates.

Annual evaluation and support plan designed to help programs address areas for improvement and capitalize on strengths.

Bulk-rate volunteer insurance.

A YVC community that works to provide the best possible resources for you and your youth!