Volunteering is a powerful way to make our communities stronger. We know systemic change only happens when we all participate. This is why affiliates across North America are joining forces on YVC Day. Their combined service will create a ripple effect of positive change across the continent.

This year, YVC Day is March 6. The theme, The Butterfly Effect, was chosen by our International Youth Advisory Board. All YVC programs are invited to plan a YVC Day project! This year, IYAB focused on the concept that even small acts of service have the potential to grow into a larger impact. All of us have the ability to make positive change.

We are always excited to see our affiliates engaged in projects that help youth connect with people and groups who provide new perspectives.  This is an opportunity to better understand community needs and demonstrate the power of service.

2021 Toolkit 

Youth leaders are currently planning project ideas, social media, and other support for our affiliates. Use these Canva templates to promote your project.

Want to see what is happening in your community? Find your local affiliate here.