“They say that every once in a while, someone truly spectacular comes along and changes the world. I believe that there’s potential in each person to make that change, one step at a time.”

-Lindsay, Youth Volunteer with YVC of Calgary

Start a YVC

We dream of the day when every youth has Youth Volunteer Corps in their community to serve with, but we need your help to get there!

Each local YVC is operated by a credible organization or individual that is responsible for program operations, funding and staffing. YVC Headquarters provides the program model, training, ongoing support, and resources necessary to run a successful YVC program.

Most YVC programs are hosted by organizations like YMCA, United Way, Boys & Girls Club, volunteer centers, municipal departments and independent youth-serving nonprofits, but YVC can also be run by schools and even individuals. View some of the benefits that come with hosting a YVC program. Check out our FAQ for more information.



Looking to add a youth service program to your organization’s current offerings or to engage local youth for the first time? There’s no reason to recreate the wheel. Over the years, we have found that the YMCA, United Ways, Boys & Girls Club and volunteer centers can host some highly-impactful programs. However, our program can be adaptable for other nonprofits too.

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“Volunteers and funders see YVC as part of the YMCA, and YVC provides a critical piece to the Y’s case for support for our Annual Campaign.” – Cathi Duchon, Former President and CEO of the Ann Arbor YMCA. Check out this video for more on the synergy between YVC and the Ann Arbor YMCA.

Municipal Departments

Whether you are at the Mayor’s Office or the Parks & Recreation Department, Youth Volunteer Corps can make the difference for your community. At this time, Parks & Rec programs are some of the most sustainable and successful of the YVC Network. Not only can you impact the lives of local youth, you can become eligible for new funding streams and strengthen relationships with outside agencies.

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“Our YVC is looked up to as an example of a best practice youth program that everyone in the community appreciates and respects.” – Mark Wilkerson, City of Muskogee Parks and Rec Director


Although time-consuming, if filing for 501(c)(3) status and launching Youth Volunteer Corps as a stand-alone nonprofit interests you, we may be able to support that effort.

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“As an independent affiliate, we chose Youth Volunteer Corps because they had a history of success, a database that would help us track volunteer hours, and marketing materials. YVC Headquarters staff is also an excellent resource for information to help us develop our program.” – Laurie Sepanski, Executive Director of YVC of Hampton Roads