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The Power of an Introvert

Hi my name is Alison and I’m from YVC Anderson, SC! 2020 was second term with the International Youth Advisory Board (IYAB) and my 3rd year with Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC). Joining the YVC family was the best decision I ever made.

When I felt like I had no one, YVC gave me someone. YVC is the perfect place for anyone and everyone. Many of us started out forced by our schools or parents/guardians. But if you give YVC a chance, you’ll make so many friends and connections in the real world. Even, if you’re an introvert like me!

If you’re an introvert don’t be afraid to come to a project or even apply for IYAB in 2021! People who are introverts are very valuable. The TIMES wrote, “Introverts are naturally adapt when it comes to actively listening, according to Buelow.” Listening is an important quality to have when volunteering, because you need to listen to your leader, your community’s needs, and each other. “Once they gather all of their information, they can use what they’ve learned to help each team member be more efficient and happier.” Teamwork and listening are essential when working together. Without it, nothing will get done.

The TIMES also wrote that introverts are great leaders because, “they don’t feel the need to step into the spotlight.” This is smart, as well, because a team is about combining all types of people and strengths.

Sometimes, without realizing it, extroverted leaders can make it about themselves and make their team members feel like “background characters.” While on the other hand, introverted leaders are often quieter let others take the spotlight. But, of course, talking is still key. One thing that YVC does that makes me feel more comfortable about talking is Ice Breakers.

Ice breakers go like this: The leader will ask everyone a question, such as ‘what is your favorite subject?’ and then everyone goes around the room and answers. This is fun and conversation starting because you find out common and different interests that you can laugh, talk, cry, etc.

If you’re an introvert don’t force yourself to be different. YVC welcomes everyone! Both introverts and extroverts have great strengths and weaknesses that complement each other. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and volunteer!

Alison is 13 years old freshman. This will be her second term with IYAB. She has been a dedicated volunteer since October 2017. Over this time Alison has served 167.75 hours with her local YVC, Anderson, South Carolina. In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix, cooking Muay Thai, spending time with friends/family, learning Spanish, and studying her bible. Alison can’t wait for her local YVC’s first projects back in August 2020! Thank you for reading and check out some other IYAB member’s bios.

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