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Life in an Uncertain World

Anxiety, as defined by the Oxford dictionary, is “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” Basically, a description of how almost 99% of us feel right now. Many of us feel nervous, uncertain, a little uneasy, and worried. Back to school is already a stressful time for students, with the excitement of a new year comes the worry and apprehension of how the year will go and another multitude of unending questions. This year has added another question to the list, “how will school take place under the circumstances of this pandemic?” Ask me: I have no clue. These worries and stresses are valid, and the truth of the matter is that there are many unknowns right now. We’re given a list of rules to follow to keep everyone safe, we’re told to maintain certain distances to reduce contact, and wear a uniform like gear to control bacterial contact. For me, I find hobbies and activities like coloring, painting, dancing, remote volunteering, and reading to reduce some of that anxiety.

Recently, I did a project where we painted birdhouses for our community and it made me feel a little bit at peace, happy, and as if I had a part in making my community just a bit brighter. Things are not “normal” right now, they might not be for a while, but try to add some “normal” to your daily schedules. It can be as easy as packing a picnic for the park instead of going out to a food joint. Instead of laying in your bed to work, sit on a deck or somewhere outside where you can experience some fresh air.

For now, we’re following the lists, the guidelines, and procedures to keep everyone safe. We’re all going out on limb, trying our hardest, and hoping for the best. We want this year to be better than the last. Each of us has the ability to do “our part” and in doing so we can make one more person feel safer.





Hi! My name is Jhalak, I’m a grade 12 student in Calgary, Alberta. I am a person of many passions like reading, singing, volunteering, writing and more. I’ve been a part of YVC for about 3 years, starting off as a general volunteer and now being a student leader in my school community.

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