10 Virtual Service Projects Youth Can Do From Home

Stuck at home? Challenged with what to do? Looking to make an impact in your community and spread hope? Us too. As an organization focused on youth development and community service, we have been exploring ways to continue supporting community needs and exploring virtual ways to engage in service-learning. We hope this list inspires you and reminds each of us that we are not powerless in this time of uncertainty.


Youth volunteer engaged in a virtual project online


10 Virtual Service Projects Youth Can Do From Home

  • Make videos or e-cards for medical professionals thanking them for their above-and-beyond care for patients.
  • Contact local nursing homes and assisted living facilities to see if you can help their seniors feel less isolated. Ideas include holding senior interviews, writing senior’s biographies, holding a show-and-tell activity, leading games, setting up video calls, making cards, and more.
  • Implement a “Positivity Campaign” to flood social media with positive and encouraging messages.
  • Participate in Cards for Hospitalized Kids. Deliver cards at a later date when it is safe to do so.
  • Start seeds in your own yard or garden to be transplanted into a community garden at a later date.
  • Become a tutor for younger youth.
  • Work with local animal shelters to create adoption flyers and/or videos for animals.
  • Send thank you videos or e-cards to First Responders who are combating the Coronavirus.
  • Implement a social media campaign on environmental sustainability.
  • Organize a virtual 5k or other fundraiser to raise funds for a local agency, charity, or cause.

Need more things to do? Here are a few bonus ideas for collaborating with others who are not currently in school or who may be working from home. We encourage you to connect via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or any other application that allows virtual face-to-face interaction.

  • Hold online career development or leadership training using activities such as The Agile Work Profiler. Your parents likely have coworkers who would not mind doing a virtual interview to talk about their work!
  • Launch an Icebreaker/Team Builder day. You and your friends can meet online to engage in your favorite icebreakers or team-builders.
  • Teach English to refugees/ESL populations via video calls.


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