Welcome to Summit 2022!

Hotel Etiquette

What you do while at Summit directly reflects on you, your affiliate program, and YVC. Please be mindful of your behavior while inside the hotel and be respectful of other guests so that they enjoy their time in Kansas City. Please walk in hallways, use furniture properly, and keep the noise level in your room to a dull roar.

Lost and Found

If you lose or find an item, head to the YVC store. Also, tell your program director if you’re missing something! After the store closes, all items will be given to the hotel on Saturday.

WiFi login information

Network: (I’ll have it for you)

Passcode: (I’ll have it for you)

Social Media Challenge

Complete any of the photo challenges below and post on Instagram or Tiktok using #YVCSummit, OR, submit on the online Google Drive here! *When submitting on Google Drive please create a folder with your name and store photos and videos in the folder.




1. Best video of you scaring your roommate
2. Best TikTok with another youth
3. Most creative way to spell YVC
4. Best BeReal
5. Best Picture of your travels to Summit
6. Best picture with HQ staff (more HQ staff in the picture the better)


Winners will be selected for best photo/video after the conclusion of workshops on Saturday.


Note: if your account is set to ‘private,’ your posts won’t appear in our hashtag search. The more posts you make, the more entries you will have in a random drawing for YVC merchandise!