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We engage youth in team-based service experiences that build life and work skills while inspiring a lifetime ethic of service. Our vision is communities defined by compassion, selflessness, and respect for others. ​

YVC projects engage teams of 8-10 youth ages 11-18 who volunteer their time to help local nonprofits and learning more about real issues in their communities. A trained and screened adult staff member supervises youth, leads them in icebreakers and team building activities, and facilitates meaningful reflection.

Program Director

Shiri Achiri Asangwe

Assistant Program Director

Bruce Brooks Jr.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Youth Volunteer Corps Kansas City spend the donations it receives?

Youth Volunteer Corps Kansas City allocates donations towards various programmatic expenses aimed at supporting youth volunteer opportunities. This includes staffing costs to train leaders, develop service-learning curriculum, plan service projects, recruit youth, communicate with parents, and lead the projects. It also includes providing necessary project supplies, snacks, t-shirts, and youth recognition event expenses. Support costs such as laptops for staff, website for advertising the program, Ydat for registrations and youth service hour tracking, marketing, as well as payroll services, accounting, and rent. We seek to maintain a high-quality program to ensure a safe and impactful experience for volunteers.

What portion of my donation is tax deductible?

Donations made to Youth Volunteer Corps Kansas City are typically tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. For projects that involve a fee, only donations exceeding the full cost of the project are considered tax deductible. For instance, if the full cost of a project is $340 per participant, donations exceeding $340 per participant are tax deductible. However, for projects that are provided free of charge, any donation amount greater than $0 is considered tax deductible.

It’s important to note that the fair market value of any goods or services received in exchange for donations may affect the tax deductibility of the contribution. We recommend consulting with a tax professional for specific questions related to tax deductibility.

How can I get my child involved with Youth Volunteer Corps Kansas City?

Getting involved with Youth Volunteer Corps Kansas City is easy! Parents can encourage their children to participate by visiting our website and exploring the available volunteer opportunities listed on our homepage. Once they find a project that interests them, they can register online and join us in making a positive impact in the community. Additionally, parents can reach out to our team directly for more information or assistance with registration.

What safety measures does Youth Volunteer Corps Kansas City have in place for volunteers?

Youth Volunteer Corps Kansas City prioritizes the safety and well-being of all participants. We conduct thorough background checks on staff and adult volunteers who work directly with youth. Additionally, we provide comprehensive training for volunteers to ensure they understand safety protocols and guidelines for each project. Our staff closely supervise all activities, and we maintain a low staff-to-participant ratio to ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone involved.

Can my child receive community service hours for volunteering with Youth Volunteer Corps Kansas City?

Yes, volunteering with Youth Volunteer Corps Kansas City can often fulfill community service hour requirements for schools, clubs, court-ordered, or other organizations. You can review your service hours through YVC’s database, “Ydat” using your login. Upon request, we can provide documentation verifying the number of hours volunteered and a summary of the activities completed. However, we recommend checking with the specific institution or organization requiring community service hours to ensure our volunteer activities meet their requirements

I want to have a project created for a specific group of volunteers. How can I arrange this?

Youth Volunteer Corps Kansas City can create projects tailored to specific groups, such as youth groups or teams. For more information or to discuss your needs, please email our team at bbrooks@yvc.org or sasangwe@yvc.org. We’ll be happy to provide further details and work with you to create a meaningful volunteering experience for your group.

Are there subsidized payment options available for Summer Programming, and do I need to provide proof of income?

Yes, subsidized payment options are available for our summer programming to ensure accessibility for all youth and families. We believe in making our programs affordable and inclusive. You do not need to provide proof of income to access these options. We encourage you to choose the option that is most appropriate for your household, and we look forward to having your youth participate in our projects! If you ever need financial assistance at any point, please do not hesitate to reach out to us as sasangwe@yvc.org or bbrooks@yvc.org; we’re here to support you.

How can our organization involve youth volunteers from Youth Volunteer Corps Kansas City in our projects?

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your organization and offer diverse service opportunities for our youth volunteers. To get involved, simply reach out to our team via email at sasangwe@yvc.org or bbrooks@yvc.org. We will provide you with details on the next steps to engage youth volunteers in meaningful service at your organization. We look forward to partnering with you to make a positive impact in our community.


Youth Volunteer Corps provides a variety of educational, challenging, and rewarding service-learning experiences throughout the year. We encourage you to wear your YVC-branded gear to volunteer projects. Don’t have YVC-branded gear? Contact Betsy Calmer at bcalmer@yvc.org to find out how to get some!

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The actual cost per youth volunteer for each week of YVC Kansas City Summer Programming is $340. However, we believe that every youth should have the opportunity to volunteer, regardless of financial circumstances. To ensure accessibility, YVC Kansas City offers varying payment levels for participation. We encourage you to select the level that best fits your household. Please contact Shiri Asangwe (sasangwe@yvc.org) or Bruce Brooks (bbrooks@yvc.org) if you require financial assistance. Our commitment extends to accommodating situations involving multiple youth volunteers, multiple weeks of participation, and any other related needs.

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