YVC Unrolls New Program Options

Ronald Reagan, Big Hair and Youth Volunteer Corps

Youth service program

Everything was different back in 1987. Nearly 30 years ago, when Hulk Hogan reigned supreme and tight-rolled jeans were the pinnacle of teen fashion, Youth Volunteer Corps was founded as a summer-only program. Today, we’re revisiting our bleach-blonde roots by allowing new YVC Affiliates the chance to choose a level of programming that makes sense for them: summer only, school year only or the traditional year-round option.

1987 - 1

This means if your community simply needs an impactful summer volunteering option when students and teachers have more time, you’ll be able to host just a camp-like Summer of Service program. If a school district or outside organization wants to offer volunteer opportunities to students only while school is in session, YVC is a catalyst for doing so in a club-like format. And of course, if your community needs life-changing youth service opportunities throughout the year, launching a year-round YVC program fills that need.

Best of all, we are waiving affiliation dues for summer and school year programs until 2016 as we pilot these options. We believe that once you see the change YVC can make in the lives of local youth, you won’t think twice about keeping it.

1987 - 6

Email Taylor today if you think your community would be interested in launching a YVC or if you have ideas of new communities that could benefit from a YVC program.