YVC of Muskogee: Affiliate of the Year

Congratulations to YVC of Muskogee, the 2013 Affiliate of the Year!

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, YVC of Muskogee offered 93 volunteer projects in the last year that 54 local youth served on throughout the year. Each of those youth volunteered an average of 88 hours each in this year alone, which is more than twice the average hours per youth of any other YVC program throughout the U.S. and Canada. (Read that last sentence again—that’s an incredible achievement!)

Here at YVC, we believe that true transformation happens in youth who volunteer for extended periods of time, so YVC of Muskogee’s incredibly high hours-per-youth stat is telling.

Not only are their stats impressive, but their stories are incredible too. During the last year, YVC of Muskogee launched a community garden in their town that the youth oversee and manage. Two years in a row, YVC of Muskogee has brought the largest group of Youth Volunteers to the YVC Summit. And they have story after story of youth whose lives have been changed through YVC.

17-year-old Phylisia started volunteering with YVC of Muskogee in eighth grade when her mom pushed her to try it as a way to step out of her comfort zone. “I was terribly shy and hated to be around people I didn’t know,” she said “Over time with YVC, I grew to love meeting new people and exploring who I am and what I can do for my community.” She’s now volunteered over 750 hours and is representing YVC of Muskogee on YVC’s International Youth Advisory Board.

YVC of Muskogee has changed Phylisia’s life, but it’s also changed hundreds of others. In this year alone, 22 youth from YVC of Muskogee received one of YVC’s youth awards. All 22 of those youth received the 100-in-1 Award for youth who have volunteered at least 100 hours with YVC in a single year, and three of them also received the Ethic of Service Award for youth who have volunteered at least 500 hours with YVC in their career.

Congrats again to YVC of Muskogee for the Affiliate of the Year honor, and thank you for all that you’re doing in your community!