YVC Board votes Adele Hall as New Board Chair

Exciting news this week as Adele Hall becomes only our third Board Chair ever at YVC.

Adele has been actively involved with YVC since day one back in 1987. I was told to seek her expertise by a number of people when first trying to start up this program that would come to be known as YVC. She was so well-respected for her volunteer efforts.  People thought she could give some valuable insights into forming YVC and boy, were they right.

Adele is a great example of the volunteer spirit.  She has volunteered herself in so many different ways throughout her life.  The reason she has taken such a keen interest in YVC these 25 years is that she knows how important it is to give young people an excellent first volunteer experience.  Furthermore, she wants all young people no matter their economic class, racial background and abilities to have the chance to give back.

Adele has volunteered at a national level for some of the best known charities in our country like United Way, Points of Light, and the United Negro College Fund.  She has also volunteered for local non-profits that are near and dear to her heart like hospitals and animal shelters.  (Adele will always make time for dogs and loves talking about hers.)

Adele is a doer and true to her nature, she has hit the ground running.  Once she was announced as the Chairman-elect a few weeks ago, she immediately (meaning the next day) came into the office and mostly listened as she sat down one-on-one with our national staff–many of whom she already knew.  She has also made time to meet personally or on the phone with the other ten members of our national board.

We are so fortunate to have Adele Hall back on our national Board and now serving as our national Board Chairman.  She is ready to lead us in celebrating 25 years and laying the groundwork for an even better next 25 years.

-David Battey