YVC Awards

We think that every single one of the 270,325 Youth Volunteers who have served with YVC are awesome. But some youth go above and beyond and really make a difference in their communities with YVC.

We’ve launched three awards to honor these amazing Youth Volunteers for their service to their communities:

100-In-1 Award

Dedicating 100 hours of service to your community in the span of one year is an amazing achievement. A very small percentage of YVC Youth Volunteers complete 100 hours in a single year, and we want them to know their hard work is noticed and appreciated throughout the YVC network. For this award, we consider a year to be the YVC program year–beginning of the school year through the end of summer.

Ethic of Service Award

Imagine volunteering all day, every day for three months straight. The Ethic of Service Award acknowledges youth who have served at least 500 hours with YVC over their career–which is the equivalent of three months straight. Very few people devote 500 hours of service to their community over the course of their entire lives, and the Ethic of Service Award recognizes those extraordinary individuals who reach this special milestone before even turning 19.

World-Changer Award

Anyone who has volunteered 1,000 hours has undoubtedly touched many lives, and we believe they have made a true impact in their community and the world. We can only imagine the total impact they will have on the world beyond their service with YVC. Very few Youth Volunteers in YVC’s history have served 1,000 or more hours with YVC, and we want to honor this incredible accomplishment.

See YVC Awards for more information on these awards.

How many hours have you served with YVC? Are you going to earn one of these awards this fall?