YVC 20 Years Later: Yvette’s Story

YvetteWe recently caught up with Yvette Marchetti, a YVC alum who volunteered as a Youth Volunteer with YVC of Greater Kansas City nearly 20 years ago.

Check out what she had to say:

On her YVC experience…

I was a YVC volunteer for years back in the 90’s and got very involved in assisting with organizing events in Kansas City with the youth. As an adult, I’m still very much involved in the Kansas City community and helping people come together on projects to better our home!

On the impact service has on youth…

What YVC does is one of the best things there is for the youth today and for the community, even more so now than when I was a kid.

Our world needs this. It needs a source that allows the youth to be a part of something bigger, something that helps them understand the awesome reward that comes from serving others, building your community and beautifying their home! I can say without a doubt that I would not be who I am now if it was not for my chance meeting of Youth Volunteer Corps way back in the early 90’s!

Nothing has impacted me more in life than being a part of YVC at such a young age. It really shaped me as a well-rounded person, in my opinion—I’m very passionate about community and getting myself and others involved. I understand the importance of teamwork, how to lead and work in a team setting, how to speak publicly among so many other things.

Yvette 1990s

Yvette (on the left) during her YVC years

On how YVC affected her life…

My thanks cannot go out enough to this organization. It’s so important for the youth to get involved and understand there is more than just making a buck in life….but rather giving of your time to help others in need.

Thank you, from the deepest part of my heart, for being available to me at a young age to participate and grow and be a part of something so much bigger than myself!