Youth Will Change the World This Weekend

GYSD 2014Imagine…a world where youth set the example for how to change the world.

…A world where volunteering erases national borders and creates unity around the world.

…A world where youth choose to volunteer instead of a thousand other possible weekend activities.

This weekend—just like every year—this dream will be a reality. Youth all over the world will unite for Global Youth Service Day, the largest service event in the world coordinated by YVC’s longtime partner Youth Service America.

This year, thanks to the coordination of YVC’s International Youth Advisory Board, the thousands of YVC youth throughout the U.S. and Canada are joining forces with youth around the world, with every YVC program offering projects as a part of GYSD.

While youth in Kyrgyzstan are playing games with orphans, youth in Nashville are preparing a dozen different community gardens for spring planting with YVC of Nashville.

While youth in Peru are cleaning a local beach, youth in Billings, MT, are learning how to prepare their families for a disaster and sharing this knowledge with their community with YVC of Yellowstone County.

While youth in Sierra Leone are coordinating an anti-drug campaign for local youth, youth in Danbury, CT, are preparing hiking trails for spring at a local park with YVC of Western Connecticut.

Thanks to the hard work of millions of youth, the world will be just a little different come Monday morning. Public parks will be a little cleaner, fewer people will go hungry as a result of food drives, seniors in retirement homes will feel a little more appreciated after playing bingo with youth.

Thanks to your work on Global Youth Service Day, the world will be changed.