What if…

When we gathered 100+ members of the YVC family together for the 25th Anniversary Summit, we not only wanted to celebrate 25 years of YVC but also build the foundation for 25 more. One of the ways we did this was by dreaming BIG ideas for the future.

We set up a “What If” board, and Summit attendees dreamed up some huge ideas, some practical and some wild. But with more than 270,000 Youth Volunteers over the last 25 years, who knows what could happen in 25 more?

Here are just some of the awesome ideas our Summit attendees came up with:

What if we had enough volunteers for all our community needs?
What if everyone on the planet had a sense of their creative power?
What if just one dollar a day went from your pocket to a different charity each day?
What if YVC was a household name?
What if every citizen participated in a YVC project as a Youth Volunteer? How would that change our communities?
What if YVC helped us fly?
What if every YVC volunteer continued to serve for the rest of their lives?
What if everyone was as motivated as we are?
What if every Youth Volunteer recruited one new person every year they volunteered?
What if regional YVCs scheduled one large project with surrounding YVCs each year?
What if every hour spent volunteering earned a dollar that would go to charity?
What if every metro area had a YVC with Saturday, summer, after-school projects and a Youth Advisory Board?
What if you convinced all your friends to participate in two projects per month and then spread the word?
What if there were so many youth involved with YVC that we had to rent a football stadium for our Summit?
What if one new tree was planted every day?
What if there were a YVC in every city? Or every country?
What if everyone cared as much as we do?
What if I could change the world?

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