Volunteering Earns Students Full-Ride Scholarships

In the past 30 years, YVC has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people. But for three Youth Volunteers from Cedar City, UT, YVC has impacted them in a very special way- volunteering earned them each full-ride scholarships to college. Meet these three stellar students:


A freshman studying math and economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Aubrey credits YVC with helping her get into her dream school and believes that YVC taught her the value of teamwork.

“I never could have gotten into MIT if it weren’t for YVC,” she says. “Out of all the lessons YVC has taught me that have helped prepare me for my future, I’d say teamwork has been the most important. It’s helping me to succeed at MIT right now, and I can’t wait to see how it will continue to help me succeed.”

Aubrey holds the lessons she’s learned from volunteering close to her heart.

“I got to meet interesting people, listen to their life stories and passions, and help them pursue those passions even by doing something as simple as making sure a family has food for the day,” she says. “It challenged me, inspired me, and brought me outside of whatever bubbles I might have been living in before. Volunteering has changed my life and continues to change it for the better daily.”


Kaylin is pursuing a nursing degree at Southern Utah University and says, “Without YVC I would not have found my passion nor would I have developed the necessary compassion that I need to have for my field.”

Like Aubrey, Kaylin feels that volunteering has impacted her entire identity. “In everyday life I experience the effects of being a volunteer,” reflects Kaylin. “I am kinder, more reliable, more studious, adventurous, more of a leader and less of a follower.  I am able to look outside of myself and see others in their circumstances.”

Kaylin encourages all young people to get involved in their community and strongly believes that when youth give back, everyone benefits.

She says, “Every community has a need, and when people come together, especially young people, the community is impacted in a very positive way.  Volunteering helps youth to practice being contributing citizens in their community and when they do it often it creates a habit which hopefully will continue over time.”


Matthew is currently serving a year abroad on a mission and will attend Southern Utah University when he returns. With a passion for serving the next generation, he plans to study secondary education to become either a music or history teacher.

Matthew served over 800 hours with YVC, and he thanks YVC for giving him opportunities that he otherwise would not have had.

He says, “Participating with YVC and giving back to my community has allowed me to excel academically, opening doors to leadership roles in the orchestra, the madrigal choir, the cross country team, and my school’s student government.”

Congratulations to these three inspirational students on their achievements. They are making the world a brighter place through their commitment to service! Aubrey, Kaylin, and Matthew are just a few of the 300,000+ youth who have changed the world with YVC over the last 30 years. Stay tuned throughout our 30th Anniversary year to hear more of these inspiring stories and see how our youth are building the future today.


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