YVC Day Social Media & Graphics

Spread the word about Your YVC Day projects on your social media accounts! Be sure to encourage your youth to post to their personal pages too! We have also provided graphics to use online and in social media.

Download your “I am making a difference by” sign here!


We will be serving together with youth throughout North America on March 2nd for #YVCday with @youthvolunteercorps. Join us as we make a difference together! (Include a link to your project)

Youth in (affiliate city) spent #YVCDay doing _________ at ____________! By being #YVCHometownHeroes they were able to get closer to their community and have some fun! #YVCday #YouthVolunteerCorps

Celebrating a few of our #YVCHometownHeroes! (Add photos of youth holding up the printable signs.)


Every day, youth are changing the world through @yvolunteercorps. Join us March 2nd to celebrate #YVCday and serve with us as one YVC! (Include a link to details on your project)

Did you know that today is #YVCday? All across North America youth with @yvolunteercorps will be discovering unmet needs in their communities and making a difference through service as #YVCHometownHeroes.


Since Instagram is all about sharing great images, we have created a frame that can be used with photos of your youth! Please see the next few pages for more information about marketing resources for YVC Day. We also encourage you to have fun with emojis when posting!

@YouthVolunteerCorps Not all heroes wear capes. #YVCDay #YVCHometownHeroes

Youth in (affiliate city) are amazing! Check out some of our #YVCHometownHeroes (Add photos of youth with the YVC Day frame and/or holding up the printable signs.)

Helping those in need is what heroes do! #YVCDay #YVCHometownHeroes #YouthVolunteerCorps


Below is a downloadable version of the graphic as well as versions that are perfect for various social media channels. Simply click on each version to open a larger image, then right-click and select “Save image as.”