What kinds of things does IYAB get to do? We’re glad you asked. 

IYAB serves as a sounding board for new ideas out of YVCHQ and throughout the YVC network. Each month our meeting has a different focus or project initiative. We’ll discuss topics including how to use social media to market YVC, our favorite service projects, the importance of youth leadership, and more. Depending on the topic, a YVC Headquarters staff and the IYAB Executive Team (a small group of leaders on IYAB) will help guide the discussion. In addition to a monthly meeting, members also make decisions about YVC Day, YVC’s Annual Youth Grant, YVC marketing efforts, and writing for Youth Voice Today or YVC’s blog. If you’d like to go even deeper, there are always additional youth leadership opportunities offered during monthly meetings.

Will IYAB meet in person?

The only opportunity for an in-person meeting will be at the YVC Summit, so we strongly encourage all IYAB members to attend the meeting. All other IYAB meetings will take place remotely on a conference call.

How long is an IYAB term?

Each IYAB term is August through May, with the option to reapply for future terms. The application process generally starts in the spring. For more details about applying please visit the general IYAB page.


When are the meetings?

Meetings will take place the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m. Central Time (7 p.m. East Coast, 5 p.m. Mountain Time, 4 p.m. West Coast) using Zoom, a video conferencing service.

What happens if I miss a meeting?

We know that to achieve all the awesome things that IYAB is capable of, we need the whole team on board. Members are permitted three absences throughout the year as long as they notify the advisor of their absence in advance. Missing a call without notifying the IYAB advisor in advance will result in a warning, with the second offense resulting in removal from the board.

Can more than one Youth Volunteer from my YVC apply for IYAB?

Of course! We want IYAB to represent as many YVC programs as possible, but we encourage any interested youth to apply.

Contact Sarah Miller at smiller@yvc.org for more information.