“From a young age, I began understanding how to work with a team and become a leader. Over the years I’ve developed those traits through volunteering with YVC.”

– Zeeyaan Somani, previous recipient of the Don and Jean Sloan Scholarship

2020 Scholarship Recipient: Qinlan


Information about this scholarship:

The Don & Jean Sloan Scholarship Fund was established to encourage and reward youth who have made a difference in their communities. A $1,000 scholarship is awarded annually through YVC to the individual chosen.

Don Sloan served on YVC’s board from its inception until his passing in 2013, and he served as the chairman for 15 years. The scholarship was established as a gift from Don and Jean’s daughter Julie in honor of her parents.

The annual deadline for the Don and Jean Sloan Scholarship is April 30. More information is available on our Youth Service Scholarship page.

2020 Recipient

YVC is excited to announce the recipient of the 2020 Don & Jean Sloan Scholarship: Qinlan Moc, a volunteer with YVC in Philadelphia. Qinlan has served 663 hours with YVC while balancing a variety of other volunteer and extracurricular activities.

Program Director Greg Lynch commented that “Qinlan first got involved with YVC during the summer after 8th grade. She stayed involved and became one of our most active volunteers despite her school not having a YVC club. She fell in love with service and valued the relationships and experiences that she gained from participation. She wanted to give that chance to her classmates and set out to start a YVC club at her school. She filed paperwork, got approval, recruited co-leaders, and worked with YVC staff to launch a new YVC club. It is the first and only time that a student has personally taken on the responsibility and been successful in creating a new YVC school partner site.

Qinlan leads the weekly meetings, including implementing the service learning curriculum. She leads the recruitment efforts for both club enrollment and project participation. Under her leadership, her club has become the strongest in our network. Her meetings are the best attended and her club sends the most volunteers to regional service projects. Qinlan has embraced community service as a way to enrich her own life and to improve her community. She used her experience, talent, and exceptional effort to create opportunities for her entire school to do the same.”

The scholarship committee was extremely impressed with the quality of applications this year. Each applicant demonstrated the values of YVC, which made the selection process very challenging. The Sloan family is always inspired by the opportunity to get to know just a few of our amazing youth volunteers through this application process.