“From a young age, I began understanding how to work with a team and become a leader. Over the years I’ve developed those traits through volunteering with YVC.”

– Zeeyaan Somani, previous recipient of the Don and Jean Sloan Scholarship

2021 Scholarship Recipients: Andy & Karleigh

The Don & Jean Sloan Scholarship Fund was established to encourage and reward youth who have made a difference in their communities. A $1,000 scholarship is awarded annually through YVC to the individual chosen. As this last year has been so unconventional, TWO recipients were selected for this honor.

Don Sloan served on YVC’s board from its inception until his passing in 2013, and he served as the chairman for 15 years. The scholarship was established as a gift from Don and Jean’s daughter Julie in honor of her parents.

The annual deadline for the Don and Jean Sloan Scholarship is April 30. More information is available on our Youth Service Scholarship page.

2021 Recipients

Andy, a volunteer with YVC in Calgary, has served 406 hours with YVC while balancing a variety of other volunteer and extracurricular activities. Read his application essay and get to know Andy!

College Plans:

Biology and Health Science is one of my greatest passions. I study with the intent of becoming a biomedical engineer so I can develop new technologies for people across the world. From prosthetic limbs to artificial skin tissue, I would love to explore this growing field and be able to contribute meaningfully to the world. As a future student at the University of British Columbia, I realize this is a prized chance to connect and discover many new opportunities in the scientific and technological industry since British Columbia is home to many of these innovations. Especially amidst the pandemic, I realized how vital healthcare is for societies. Ranging from simple ergonomics to improved surgeries, I want to be able to improve the world with the empowering and resourceful nature of biology and engineering.

Karleigh, a volunteer with YVC in Reading, has served 341 hours with YVC while balancing a variety of other volunteer and extracurricular activities. Read her application essay and get to know Karleigh!

College Plans:

Throughout my life, my passion for serving others has gone into everything that I do. I find it particularly rewarding when I am able to use my developed leadership skills and creative abilities together. I believe that with formal education, I will hone these skills and continue to grow even more passionate about this combination. Upon graduating from Exeter Township Senior High School in June 2021, I will be attending Kutztown University of Pennsylvania to complete my major in Communication Design (BFA) and minor in Entrepreneurship. I also hope to obtain my certificate in Art Education. In addition to this academic track, I plan to be involved in various campus and community organizations to both grow educationally, as well as socially within my post-secondary career.