Volunteer Spotlight: Angelique Williams


Angelique Williams is a youth volunteer who began participating in the Youth Volunteer Corps program when she lived in Danbury, CT. After moving to South Carolina, Angelique sought out more volunteer opportunities and found YVC of Charleston.


What motivates you to serve?

I am motivated to serve because I love meeting new people and learning new things while also making a positive impact on my community. While growing up, I volunteered with my family a few times a year but after the tragedy at Sandy Hook happened my family started heavily volunteering in different projects such as Ben’s Bells, 5k races, and different fundraisers which sparked a desire in me to do more on a regular basis. That desire brought me to Youth Volunteer Corps.


When did you start serving and how old are you now?

I joined YVC Danbury when I was 12; I’m 14 now. Before I joined YVC, I often volunteered with my family.


What’s been the most meaningful service project you’ve participated in? Why?

I have enjoyed all of the YVC service projects I have done, but the one that touches my heart the most is volunteering at the senior center. I have the best time there and I always leave with more knowledge than I walked in with. The people there are such fun to hang out with and play games with. They are so funny and they are the absolute sweetest.


What do you like about the Youth Volunteer Corps model?

I like that I am learning people skills and valuable life skills such as time management, responsibility, and altruism. Most of all though, I love the many connections I have made throughout the years. I hope to maintain these relationships for many years to come.


Why was it important for you to keep participating in YVC after you moved from Danbury?

I see it as a way for me to get to know my new home. I had such fun volunteering with the Danbury YVC that I wanted to continue the experience in Charleston. I’ve done some great projects in Charleston already; the special needs prom was awesome!


What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned through your service with YVC?

I have learned to put things into perspective. Life is complicated and I’ve learned to not judge others so quickly and practice more understanding and empathy. I think mostly I’ve learned that even though I’m one person, I can always make a difference. What I do matters.


Do you plan on continuing to volunteer after you graduate from high school?

Yes, I plan to ultimately always volunteer in some capacity for the rest of my life. I look forward to doing some service projects abroad after high school.


Has your service with YVC inspired you to choose a career path?

I want to be a meteorologist and I have received great encouragement from many of the people I have met through YVC. Many well-known meteorologists volunteer at local schools and host learning sessions to teach kids about the weather, which I think is neat.


Why do you think others should volunteer and serve with Youth Volunteer Corps?

Honestly, serve because it’s fun! You meet new people, go to new places, and learn interesting things. It’s such a different experience when you are volunteering with friends.


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