This is What Happens When #YouthTakeOver

YVCKC - Summer 2014 HQ project - 1I volunteer because I feel wonderful, knowing I am helping improve my community and making a positive impact. – Whitney Estes #YouthTakeOver

I volunteer because seeing the change I can make in the community motivates me to be the best I can be. -Maddie Tolsdorf #YouthTakeOver

I volunteer because I like to spend my time learning valuable lessons and helping to better my community -Maggie Bridges #YouthTakeOver

This is what happens when youth take over YVC Headquarters for a week.

Here at YVC, the staff works diligently to support and grow our Affiliate network, but rarely are we graced with the presence of youth. This summer was different. Just like many of the organizations that YVC youth serve across North America, YVC Headquarters has more work to do than our staff can handle. Who better to help out with all that extra work than youth from our local Affiliate, YVC of Greater Kansas City?

For four days, seven youth from YVCKC descended onto the national headquarters office and got to work. They wrote stockpiles of blogs, like How to Have Fun on a YVC Project in 5 Steps, by Abby Englert. They took a road trip to YVC of St. Joseph, interviewed youth and created graphics. They brainstormed, shopped and put together the decorations for our YVC Summit (sneaking up on us this October, find more information here). Along the way they took over our social media, instagraming, facebooking and tweeting about their experiences in the office, and volunteering in general.

YVCKC - Summer 2014 HQ project - 3We are so grateful for the youth that joined us this summer, and not only because of the help we received, but because these youth reminded us of why we do what we do each day, and for us, that was certainly the best part.

We asked the youth what the best part of the week was for them, and this is what they said:

The best part of #YouthTakeOver was meeting other youth and being really involved in preparing for the YVC Summit. –Davis Mackey

The best part of #YouthTakeOver for me was learning things about YVC that I never knew! – Evie Anderson

The best thing about #YouthTakeOver was getting a behind the scenes look at how YVC operates and meeting the awesome staff! -Tessa Blair

Thanks Tessa, we think you’re awesome too.

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Kirsten Overby is YVC’s AmeriCorps VISTA – Fund Development and Marketing Coordinator.