The Summit: A YVC Family Reunion

Before this year’s Summit, it had been three years since the YVC family was able to come together. So when we got 100 members of the YVC family together for the 25th Anniversary Summit, we knew we wanted to celebrate! Not only did we have the excitement of Youth Volunteers and YVC staff coming from all over the U.S. and Canada to celebrate, but we also wanted to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of YVC.

Throughout the Summit, we took time to celebrate the accomplishments of both the last year and all of YVC’s 25 year history. Did you know that since 1987, there have been a whopping 270,325 Youth Volunteers who have served with YVC (we’ve had a few more since the time the cake below was baked!)? We wanted to celebrate every single one of them!

We of course had a cake (or two!) because what’s a celebration without a cake? But the real celebrations came in the interactions between members of the YVC family. Youth Volunteers from Anderson County, South Carolina and Muskogee, Oklahoma staying up too late working on an on-site service project and getting to know each other. Program Directors from Calgary, Alberta and Grant County, New Mexico sharing ideas about their YVC programs and learning that despite the differences in their communities, they can both learn from each other. YVC’s Founder and President David Battey jumping into a giant game of Apples to Apples with Youth Volunteers from all over the YVC network.

We also devoted time to dreaming about what YVC could look like 25 years from now. What better way to celebrate a 25th Anniversary then to dream about all that can happen before the 50th Anniversary?

Thanks for being a part of the 25th Anniversary Summit! We can’t wait to see everyone back next year and welcome even more participants!

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