The Second Sunday of Every Month

Mackenzie Mitchell - Danbury_webMackenzie Mitchell is a Youth Volunteer with YVC of Western Connecticut and a member of our International Youth Advisory Board.

As the clock turns to 7:58 I sit down at my desk, pull out the landline (yes a landline!) and dial in. The automated voice promptly states, “Please announce yourself”.  I momentarily interrupt the buzzing conversation about this month’s holiday plans to say, “Hey guys it’s Mackenzie!”. After everyone else is warmly welcomed, we dive into this month’s topics.

The International Youth Advisory Board is a unique opportunity for the 25 youth that meet once a month to get connected with other YVCs. My favorite part of our meetings is at the start when each member shares what’s going on at our local YVC. I love getting to listen to the versatility of the projects that go on across the U.S. and Canada. Inspiration is inevitable. I have shared many of the project ideas with my YVC and we have even tried some!

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of IYAB is getting to know other volunteers on a more personal level. The cursory discussion before a meeting begins and the Facebook group are especially telling of everyone’s character. It’s exciting to see my fellow members shine in a new and unconventional way. Even those who are sometimes shy like myself, feel extremely comfortable with engaging in conversation.

IYAB at Summit 2015 (13)_web

I have probably flourished the most within my subcommittee. This year I was fortunate enough to be a part of the fundraising committee. I would say fundraising in any respect can be described as stressful, rousing and enjoyable. My three lovely peers, Jack, Ryan and Sophia, have made the committee a blast so far! However not being able to talk in person makes planning something difficult. After a few months of back and forth and checking in with other IYAB members, we have finally settled on a fundraiser that will benefit next year’s summit attendees. It even has a fun bonus for the IYAB member who raises the most money. I can certainly say the stressful period has ended and I can’t wait to see how our work takes shape over the next month.

Overall, my second year on IYAB has been better than I could have imagined. I am learning so much more, meeting and working with tons of new people, and finding new projects every month. YVC is certainly a program that thrives on an international level.

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