Summit 2013: A Youth Volunteer’s Perspective

I have now had the opportunity to attend two YVC Summits, so I can safely say they get better each year.

This year, however, I had a game plan. As a Youth Volunteer, you are exposed to people who have done amazing things with their lives. We get to learn from leaders committed to making the world a better place. During the Summit, we listened to philosophies, theories and stories. We learned about nonprofits, problems facing communities around the world, and solutions to these problems. The theme of this year’s Summit was “ACTION,” so I decided to do just that. I wanted to take the ideas and solutions I learned from the Summit, and apply them to my own life.

YVC has given me so much, turned me into a completely new person. I’ve been working with YVC of Greater Kansas City since the 7th grade (I’m a senior now), and I have no idea what type of person I’d be without all the friends I’ve made and experiences I’ve lived because of YVC.

So what did I take from the 2013 Summit? I learned the importance of connecting with everyone, no matter where they’re from; we are all the same. I learned how to analyze a problem before I jump in and try to solve it. I learned that youth can create a positive impact and be a voice for change in our community.

Thank you YVC.

Corrinne Smith-Winterscheidt is a member of YVC’s International Youth Advisory Board. She’s volunteered 632.5 hours (and counting) with YVC of Greater Kansas City.