Spotlight On: YVC of Yellowstone County

Yellowstone SpotlightWelcome to the inaugural YVC Spotlight! Each month we will be highlighting one of our amazing Affiliates and their youth in Canada and the U.S.

SarahTo kick off this series we are heading to YVC of Yellowstone County in Billings, Montana, where Sarah Kern, 15 year-old Youth Volunteer, will give us a quick tour. Yellowstone County has been a part of the YVC family since 2009, and since then they have been pushing the boundaries of possibility with new and innovative projects.

Recently, YVC of Yellowstone County toured a TV station in Billings and learned about a career in media. They then used this new-found knowledge to create a promotional video for their YVC! Great job Yellowstone! We’re excited to see what you come up with next!

Sarah Kern is one of the many outstanding Youth Volunteers at YVC of Yellowstone County. She recently received a 100-in-1 award at the 2013 Summit for reaching over 100 volunteer hours!

Meet Sarah:

How long have you been volunteering with YVC?

Since November of 2012.

Tell me about your favorite YVC project:

My favorite projects have been our projects at the animal shelter, because the animals are always really fun and excited to see you. We go to the animal shelter about every two months, sometimes every month.

Animal ShelterWhat makes YVC of Yellowstone County unique?

I guess I would have to say, probably, that we do projects that are very small townish. We do things that somehow get very branched out. When we volunteer, we do things that get noticed. In a lot of places people don’t realize what volunteers are doing. When we do those things we get recognition.

What new experiences have you had with YVC?

I don’t really think there were lots [of new experiences] for me because we do lots of cleaning things, which isn’t bad, but I love doing those things at home. Other new things… working with little kids. We work with Friendship House, which is kind of like a daycare but free for low income families. I get to watch kids light up when they see me and realize I get to make people happy by doing something that I thought was just fun.

What is the craziest project you’ve done?

I think that would have to be at Tumbleweed, which is an organization that helps runaway teens. We organized hundreds of clothes on racks. It was pretty crazy because we were there all day sorting clothes. They give the clothes to the teens.

Yellowstone County 2014What is your favorite icebreaker?

Simon Says, because you can make people do funny things. You can make people do things they wouldn’t normally do because they are nervous.

 What inspires you to volunteer?

I wanted to try something different and do something for the good of someone. I was kind of thinking, “What am I doing? I’m a teenager and instead of sitting around and hanging out, I can go out and do something that helps people.”


Thanks to Sarah for telling her story and for all the great things she’s doing in her community! Follow YVC of Yellowstone County on Facebook to stay updated on all the amazing things they’re up to.

This is the first in a series of YVC Spotlights. Keep an eye on the blog at the beginning of each month to get to know another YVC community. Your YVC might be next!