Spotlight on: YVC of Plymouth

Plymouth Spotlight 4.2.14

Plymouth - MLK Day 2014 (2)April is here and spring is in full swing! It’s time for another installment of the YVC Spotlight! This month we are headed to Plymouth, Michigan where the Program Director, Josh Borg, will give us a quick overview of their awesome program and their super successful Martin Luther King Day of Service project.

YVC of Plymouth, hosted by Plymouth Family YMCA, has been a part of the YVC family since 2005, and they have been doing truly fantastic projects since the beginning!

Can you tell us about your MLK Day project?

We partnered with Davenport University to put together hygienic care packages for homeless veterans in the metro Detroit area. After putting together the packages we went to the Michigan Veterans Foundation in Detroit to personally deliver them to those in need.

What was the best part of the MLK Day project? What surprised/inspired/impressed you?

The best part of the project was allowing the Youth Volunteers to personally hand out the packages to the homeless veterans. It was eye-opening for the volunteers and for the veterans. The volunteers were so involved and loved learning that their service that day made such an impact.

What is your favorite part of being a Program Director?

I enjoy being able to look at our community and see where volunteers would best be utilized. The stories we get to hear from the organizations we work with are always great too.

Plymouth - MLK Day 2014 (1)What impact has YVC had on your life?

YVC has introduced me to some pretty amazing youth in our community. Teenagers tend to get a bad reputation nowadays, so it’s nice to see some of the youth out there volunteering their time on weekends and school breaks.

Tell us about the youth who volunteer for YVC of Plymouth:

A lot of our youth are doing hours to fulfill school needs. Once they finish their required hours, a good portion of them stick with the program since they enjoy the volunteer opportunities. We also have two former Youth Volunteers who started with YVC and are now YMCA staff members.

Thanks, Josh, for showing us around YVC of Plymouth!

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