Sky-high view with YVC

Did you know that Sunday is Opening Day for Major League Baseball season? With baseball on our minds, we thought we’d share a story about YVC and baseball.

The following story is from Paul Marksbury, YVC’s Affiliate Services Coordinator who served as a Team Leader with YVC of Greater Kansas City from 2006 to 2007:

When I was a Team Leader, I was assigned to an alternative high school class in south Kansas City, Missouri to lead a service-learning initiative with the students, all of whom were long-term suspended from the traditional local high school. Being the only white person in the class besides the teacher, it took me a while to earn the youth’s respect.  However, I was eventually able to win over Jerome, a 6-foot, 300 lb. class clown on his way to Pitt State on a football scholarship. The other students looked up to him, and that proved invaluable to me while I tried to engage them in my service-learning lessons. He certainly caused his fair share of distractions, but as soon as I caught eyes with him, he would holler “Let’s listen to the man!” And since everyone listened to him, luckily they listened to me. Most of the time.

At the end of the year, I invited the entire class to a Kansas City Royals game that we received some free tickets for. The seats were in the nosebleed section, and Jerome was the only person from my class who showed. After he found his seat, I watched him scan the view in amazement.

“I never did this before,” Jerome said.

“You’ve never been to a Royals game?” I asked.

“Nope. And I ain’t never been up this high.”

We won the game.

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