Serving Together Throughout the YVC Network

Madison Fitzgerald - Greater Kansas City_squareWhen the International Youth Advisory Board convened in Kansas City for this year’s Summit, we wanted to preserve the spirit of unity that this event provides. There are YVC’s all over the country all doing fantastic things in a way to best benefit their communities.

Personally, I didn’t know that YVC existed outside of Kansas City until I had been volunteering for a few years. This is something that definitely needs to change. For this reason, IYAB has a Connecting YVC committee.

For this year’s connecting event, we have decided to encourage all 30 YVC Affiliates to get involved in Global Youth Service Day. This event not only connects YVCs across the country, but volunteers serving as a part of Youth Service America’s Global Youth Service Day across the world. Recognizing others who participate in volunteering is important because it validates our own service and encourages awareness. Who knows, maybe a twelve year old girl will see her local YVC on the news and want to come volunteer!

IYAB - Summit 2013 (27)_croppedYouth Volunteer Corps is a network of people striving to make the world a better place through volunteering, and its members should be aware of their connection to communities across North America.

The Connecting YVC Committee is preparing service-learning lessons, team-builders, and icebreakers for all the YVC’s in an effort to unify our scattered affiliates in their service activities. In addition, we are designing t-shirts that can be sold as a fundraiser to get more people at next year’s Summit! This yearly event is the ultimate YVC connection, and I hope everyone seriously considers attending this fall. In the meantime, Global Youth Service Day will connect us without having to travel.

We may be over a thousand miles away from each other (shout out to my friends in Calgary!) but we are all working towards the same ideal. Let’s celebrate our connections!

Madison Fitzgerald volunteers with YVC of Greater Kansas City and is a member of YVC’s International Youth Advisory Board.