Saturday of Service with YVCKC

James Milam, YVC’s Marketing Intern and a sophomore at William Jewell College, got to serve a few volunteer hours in a Youth Volunteer’s shoes last Saturday. He spent the day serving with youth with YVC of Greater Kansas City. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

What better activity is there to do on a rainy Saturday before Easter than to work a day of service with several YVC Youth Volunteers? This past Saturday I got the opportunity to serve at two projects coordinated by YVC of Greater Kansas City.

The first project I attended was at Kids TLC, a school and resource center for children who have been abused or are in crisis. Five Youth Volunteers organized Easter baskets that were filled with candy, toys and toiletries and also that were safe and fun, to distribute on Easter morning.

Like on many YVC projects, the Youth Volunteers worked so hard that the job that was projected to take us two hours only took us about forty minutes. So we then organized a closet used for supplies, a much-needed project that freed up the Kids TLC staff to more important jobs helping kids in crisis.

While we were working, a young girl who was a resident at the school came in and asked if she could pick out her own personal body wash to keep. We were all stunned to see how surprised and thankful she was to have earned that privilege—something we would all take for granted. This was the heartwarming moment, which helped us understand the difference we were making and also reminded us how much we take for granted in our own lives. We often reflect on and even sometimes understand how great we have it, but it is only through being in a true moment of service that we can really feel how blessed we all truly are!

After that project I headed to the Care for the Poor People project, a large-scale project that allowed struggling members of society to gain free clothing and a warm meal.

Soon after my arrival I met some young YVC beginners who weren’t so enthusiastic about service. However, it didn’t take long to notice that those Youth Volunteers ended up having the most fun! It was really cool to see the mental transition of the participating youth during the post-project discussion. Since we were interacting directly with homeless people on this project, the youth got to see how their preconceived notions were completely inaccurate. The ideas that people who are homeless are lazy or have lower moral values were proven to be wrong.

Ultimately, the moments of compassion and love that I encountered through helping YVC, put a meaningful exclamation point on an amazing Easter weekend!