Responding to Racial Injustice

This is a critical moment. One where we are faced with unconcealed examples of hate, discrimination, and racism. Communities are tackling mounting challenges, locally, nationally, and globally.

To everyone experiencing trauma from this moment and ongoing systemic racism, we stand beside you in sorrow and anger. And we stand beside those who are promoting the importance of black lives.

Youth Volunteer Corps has a long-standing commitment to inclusion, diversity and equality. In fact, it is one of our four fundamental goals. Hate and discrimination do not have a home here.

Many are asking, what can we do? Our youth invite you to take action. Grieve over racial inequality, and be persistent in promoting racial equality. Suspend personal bias through education, such as listening to podcasts with prominent black speakers or reading books of black authors. Listen more. Be open to sitting in moments of discomfort. Engage in meaningful, ongoing conversations where your focus is to gain understanding and take action. Don’t minimize others’ experiences. Empathize. Support individuals and organizations who are working to eradicate injustices.

As an organization, we are making time to consider what further actions we can take to support our black volunteers. We commit to being receptive to feedback regarding diversity and inclusion. We commit to engaging in challenging conversations and intentionally amplifying marginalized voices through service-learning and volunteerism. And we commit to celebrating our differences as we meet the needs of our communities through service. Together.