Q&A with Isabel, YVC of Nashville Team Leader

Isabel Johnson-Bann - Summer AC member 2014One of our favorite stories here at YVC is when a Youth Volunteer rises as a leader in her program then eventually becomes a Team Leader, helping give other youth the chance to make a difference!

Isabel Johnson-Bann of YVC of Nashville did just that. She began volunteering with YVC as soon as she was old enough to do so, and now she’s spending the summer working as an AmeriCorps member and Team Leader with YVC of Nashville.

Meet Isabel:

How did you get started volunteering with YVC?

I started volunteering with YVC because my older sister was a YVC member, in Seattle, WA, and Nashville, TN. She was doing so many great things to help the community that I wanted to get involved. So when I became old enough I became a YVC member, I did.

Describe your involvement with YVC as a volunteer.

I joined YVC of Nashville as a YVC advisory board member and I served for 6 years from 2007-2013. I’ve volunteered in almost every type of service-learning project over all 6 years!

What was your favorite part of serving with YVC as a Youth Volunteer?

My favorite part of serving with YVC as a Youth Volunteer was seeing and/or hearing about the change in people’s lives that I had impacted. I did a project working to bring focus to domestic violence and heard how greatly we, as youth, helped to bring attention to the issue. We encouraged people to seek the help they needed! I was very humbled and honored that I could make that big of an inspiration for those women.

Isabel Johnson-Bann at Second Harvest Food Bank 6.26.14

Isabel leading a project and joking around with Youth Volunteers at the local food bank.

What inspired you to become an AmeriCorps Member Team Leader?

I was inspired to become an AmeriCorps member because I wanted a summer job doing something that I loved to do while serving my community. I am very happy that the opportunity was created as working with YVC of Nashville!

How is it different serving as a Team Leader compared to a Youth Volunteer?

It’s a little different being a Team Leader than a Youth Volunteer. The main difference is keeping everything organized and making sure that I really create a positive experience for the youth this summer. Along the way, I have learned that communication is key to getting things done and trusting support from my immediate coworkers is important.

How has YVC impacted your life? 

YVC has impacted my life by highlighting areas in my community that I can help with, being confident in my ability to make change in my community, and encouraging me to take initiative in diversifying my surroundings. And YVC has definitely affected my career choices. I am going to school to be a veterinarian without borders, so I can help people and animals around the world.

Why do you think it’s important to volunteer?

Volunteering is important because it shows that you are really passionate about the issues and not doing it for money. Volunteering helps to build a well-rounded and good-hearted person.

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