YVC Plymouth

Plymouth, Michigan

We engage youth in team-based service experiences that build life and work skills while inspiring a lifetime ethic of service. Our vision is communities defined by compassion, selflessness, and respect for others. ​

YVC projects engage teams of 8-10 youth ages 11-18 who volunteer their time to help local nonprofits and learning more about real issues in their communities. A trained and screened adult staff member supervises youth, leads them in icebreakers and team building activities, and facilitates meaningful reflection.

Volunteer Of The Week

Rahul Balakrishnan is giving, kind, and super intelligent. His friends call him funny and smart. He loves Ravioli but hates Roly-Polies (bugs). Rahul doesn’t care about the 446 volunteer hours he’s logged, but he cares greatly about serving his community!


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