Youth Service Project Idea: Park Cleanup

Park Cleanup

No matter where you live, whether in a city or rural area, near the coast or the middle of the country, there’s surely an area that could use a little sprucing up. Join up with some friends and take a couple hours to transform a public area to restore its natural beauty for community members to enjoy it.

Here’s how:

Celebration of Service - HQ and YVCKC 9.22.12 (27)1. Pick a local park, beach or public area in need of a cleanup and talk with the Parks Department or other authority that oversees the area to let them know you’re interested in doing a cleanup. They’ll probably give you information on the area and often even give supplies like trash bags and gloves.

2. The day of the project, make sure to take a photo of the area before you begin your transformation so that you can see the impact you made!

3. Equip your team with trash bags and gloves.

4. Turn your cleanup into a fun competition by telling the team to take a picture of the most interesting items they find. Brainstorm a few categories like: Largest item, Most Colorful Item, Most Random Item, etc.

5. Send teams out in groups of two or three since service is more fun with others!

6. Gather back together after the project and compare photos of your most interesting items, then vote on a winner for each category.

7. Don’t forget to also take an “after” photo to see how much you transformed the space in just a couple hours of service!

8. Take a few minutes at the end of the project to enjoy the public area you just transformed. Bring a few frisbees or play a few teambuilder games in the newly cleaned spot.

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