Our neighbors in Joplin

Since YVC’s national office is based in Kansas City, we’ve all been thinking a lot about the tornado that devastated Joplin, MO, last week and the people whose lives were affected.

We thought about them last Sunday when the news first reported that our neighbors a few hours south were hit by a deadly tornado.

We thought about them last Wednesday morning when a tornado came our way, and we took cover together in the ground-floor stairwell of our office.

We thought about them Wednesday afternoon when we were safely back at work, with no major harm done to our city.

But here at YVC, we try to take action instead of simply sending our thoughts. YVC of Greater Kansas City, which shares an office with the YVC national staff, is holding a supplies drive and has collected boxes upon boxes of water bottles and toiletries. Two Youth Volunteers even turned their graduation party into a collection drive and collected an entire carload of supplies this weekend.

Yesterday, Jenn Beard, YVC’s Vice President of Affiliate Operations, gave up her Memorial Day to get her hands dirty and help the people of Joplin. Read about her story and see before and after photos of the destruction at her blog here.

We’re looking at ways we can help even more by taking further action. Meanwhile, we’re still sending more thoughts because sometimes, our thoughts are the most valuable thing we have to offer.