Not Just Hours: 6 Tips for Fun Community Service


3.26.15 Six Tips to Make Community Service Fun

Just one bad experience volunteering can turn youth away from service forever, so we do everything we can here at Youth Volunteer Corps to make sure that doesn’t happen. Every project, whether it’s playing bingo at a retirement home or cleaning up trash from a city park, incorporates plenty of fun.

Here are a few tips to make sure every service project is fun:

Volunteer with friends


1. Volunteer with friends (old or new!)

All YVC projects are team-based because we know it’s more fun to serve with others. Invite some friends along to volunteer with you, and make sure to get to know others on your project to meet some new friends too.

Volunteering games

2. Play games

On YVC projects we not only take breaks for icebreaker and teambuilder games to get to know each other, we also play games during projects. Weeding a community garden for hours on end can get monotonous, but not if you play a game like the “last letter game” or share riddles.

Interesting volunteer projects
3. Pick projects that interest you

If you don’t like animals, serving at the animal shelter may not be the best fit for you. Make sure to choose service projects around your interests.

Kansas City - Summer 2013 - Habitat for Humanity (5)_crop


4. Take breaks

We know that sometimes volunteering is hard work! Make sure to take breaks if you’re doing manual labor, and drink plenty of water.


Greater Kansas City - Summer 2013 (1)_square

5. Be adventurous

You never know what might be the highlight of each volunteer project! Make an effort to step out of your comfort zone, whether it means chatting with a retirement home resident or offering to lead the group’s trail mulching strategy.

Greater Kansas City - Summer 2013 - Sanctuary of Hope

6. Go all in

Community service is the most fun when you’re truly making a difference. Find a meaningful project and give it your all, and you won’t believe the impact you’ll have after just a few hours.

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