Meet Morgan: YVC AmeriCorps Member of Spring 2015

5.28.15 YVC AmeriCorps Member of Spring 2015 - Morgan Greening


Over the years, hundreds of inspiring people have served as AmeriCorps members with Youth Volunteer Corps, enabling thousands of youth to discover the joy of volunteering. We want to recognize our current AmeriCorps members for the incredible work they’re doing every day, so we’ve launched a new quarterly award honoring an outstanding YVC AmeriCorps member each season.

Morgan Greening, currently serving her third term as an AmeriCorps member with YVC of Western Connecticut, is the very first member to earn this honor! Meet Morgan and learn about the impact she’s having on youth in her community:

What is your favorite part about your YVC AmeriCorps service?

There is a special feeling I get when it hits me that I have influenced someone’s life in a positive way. It’s a rare and strong feeling that makes me feel like I matter. My favorite part of my YVC AmeriCorps service is watching the youth realize they are making a positive difference. I love knowing that I help them help others and assist them in feeling like they matter.

How have you grown from your YVC AmeriCorps service?

I have grown in more ways than one all thanks to my YVC AmeriCorps service. I have learned more about myself than I could have imagined including how much I love working with youth but also adults and the environment. I have been surrounded by the best colleagues I could have asked for and I learn from them and their experience every day. My YVC AmeriCorps service has made it very clear to me that I want to fill the rest of my life with the service of others.

What are you most looking forward to in this year’s YVC summer program?

I am so excited for our summer program as a whole. I am especially excited to be working with youth all day for the majority of my weeks. I can’t wait to learn from them and experience their perspectives.


Morgan’s supervisor, Casey Levene, who is United Way of Western Connecticut’s Director of Volunteer Services, also had a few words to say about her: “Morgan Greening has brought a consistency to our Youth Volunteer Corps program since her arrival in November 2013. Her sunny disposition, commitment to service and our youth is evident on very project she leads. The youth look up to her as a positive role model and she makes each event fun and meaningful. Her creative photos and postings on Facebook and Twitter have increased our exposure. We are thrilled that she will continue service with us through next spring.”

We’ve also heard from a Connecticut Youth Volunteer who can attest to the impact Morgan is having. Morgan told us how one of their regular volunteers came up to her one day to thank her. He said, “Morgan, I just want to thank you for all that you do here, it means a lot that you put in all this effort to help us give back. YVC events are always the best part of my week and I always look forward to coming.”

Thank you, Morgan, for your service to youth and the community! The world is a brighter place because of the impact you’re having.

Interested in serving as an AmeriCorps member with YVC? We have openings around the country. Email Leah to find out about current openings.