Meet Mallory: YVC AmeriCorps Member of Winter 2016

3.14.16 YVC AmeriCorps Member of Winter 2016 - Mallory Rivard

Over the years, hundreds of inspiring people have served as AmeriCorps members with Youth Volunteer Corps, enabling thousands of youth to discover the joy of serving. We want to recognize our current AmeriCorps members for the incredible work they’re doing every day, so we give out a quarterly award honoring an outstanding YVC AmeriCorps member each season.

Mallory Rivard is serving as a half-time AmeriCorps member with YVC of Bay City, MI, hosted by the Dow Bay Area Family YMCA. She started the program from the ground up and is working tirelessly to connect youth in her community to service. YVC of Bay City launched last fall when Mallory began her service, so she has been working to recruit youth, plan the first projects, and set a solid foundation for this new program.

Meet Mallory and hear about the impact she is having as a YVC AmeriCorps member:

What is your favorite part about your YVC AmeriCorps service?

I love working with our Youth Volunteers. They amaze and inspire me every day. Their hard work, dedication, and spirit to give back to the community is truly contagious. They make me more passionate about my role in YVC and are the reason that I do what I do.

I also think that there is something magical about having the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. I love that there are so many other YVCs around North America. I am so proud to tell people each and every day about YVC and what we stand for.

Bay City 2016 - 3

How have you grown from your YVC AmeriCorps service?

I believe that people working for the common good is what made this nation strong. That is why I joined AmeriCorps.

One of the main selling points of AmeriCorps for me was the professional development. I am currently attending college at Saginaw Valley State University where I am double majoring in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education. YVC has greatly prepared me for my future career in education. I have learned how to create relationships with youth, motivate a team and how to effectively communicate with families. These are skills that I believe are essential to have in order to be an effective teacher. Additionally, I have learned more about myself than I could have imagined. My YVC AmeriCorps service has helped shape how I view the world and engage with others. I can’t say that I’d be who I am today without the experiences I had while serving.

Lastly, I have been surrounded with the most supportive colleagues at the Dow Bay Area Family YMCA and I am forever grateful to learn from them every day. My YVC AmeriCorps service continues to confirm my passion for teaching and motivates me to influence my future students to give back to the community through high quality programs like YVC. I know wherever I go after graduation, I will always look back and pull from my experience as an YVC AmeriCorps member.

What are you most looking forward to in this year’s YVC summer program?

I am very excited for the summer program in general! As a new YVC, everything we encounter in Bay City is a new experience, which makes it very exciting! I am especially excited to be working with our youth all day over a series of weeks. I can’t wait to learn from them, experience their perspectives, and create great growth for Youth Volunteer Corps of Bay City!

Thank you, Mallory, for your service to youth and the community! The world is a brighter place because of the impact you’re having.

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