Meet Daniel: YVC AmeriCorps Member of Winter 2017

Over the years, hundreds of inspiring people have served as AmeriCorps members with Youth Volunteer Corps, enabling thousands of youth to discover the joy of serving. We want to recognize our current AmeriCorps members for the incredible work they’re doing every day, so we give out a quarterly award honoring an outstanding YVC AmeriCorps member each season.

Daniel Comer is serving as a full-time AmeriCorps member with YVC of Corvallis, OR, hosted by the City of Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department.

Meet Daniel and hear about the impact he is having as a YVC AmeriCorps member:

What is your favorite part about your YVC AmeriCorps service?

My favorite part of my AmeriCorps service has been connecting with students and serving as a positive role model for them on a daily basis. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the Youth Volunteers and guiding them through many of the same social and academic pressures I dealt with at their age.

How have you grown from your YVC AmeriCorps service?

I think my experiences as a YVC AmeriCorps Team Leader have helped me develop the initiative required to succeed in any professional environment. Much of the program’s success is a reflection of the time and effort I put into it, and I’ve really taken that to heart when I feel I’m becoming complacent or distracted during office hours. I’ve pushed myself to always follow up with contacts and supervisors to ensure I’m creating abundant, purposeful volunteer and leadership opportunities for students.

What are you most looking forward to in this year’s YVC summer program?

One of my favorite hobbies is meeting new people and exchanging stories, so I’d have to say that’s what I’m most excited for this summer. We have many recurring school-year volunteers, but I’m looking forward to meeting new youth and inspiring them to become year-round volunteers.

Daniel is taking YVC of Corvallis to a whole new level, and it’s been very obvious to Deb Curtis, YVC of Corvallis’ Program Director and Daniel’s supervisor: “Daniel has created more YVC projects in the first months of his service, sometimes as many as 4 in one weekend!” she says. “This has offered more opportunities to youth as well as has brought in a bigger diversity of youth to Corvallis’ YVC program. He has mentored a stronger than ever YAB! Daniel exemplifies what it is to serve as an AmeriCorps member.”

Thank you, Daniel, for your service to youth and the community! The world is a brighter place because of the impact you’re having.

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