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YVC of Cedar City, UT, volunteer Matthew attributes much of his success so far in his high school career to the service experiences he’s had with YVC. Matthew (in the picture above on the right) served nearly 800 hours with YVC so far, so he’s had a huge impact in his local community! Hear it in his own words:

By enlisting with the Iron County Youth Volunteer Corps and serving on the youth leadership committee, I have developed a solid sense of volunteerism and participated in a myriad of service projects. Some favorite projects include refurbishing wood at Park Discovery, assisting with the Utah Summer Games and the Tour of Utah, spending time at senior citizen homes, providing vocal or instrumental music at various community programs, collecting canned goods and donations for the needy, reading with children, and restocking shelves at the local food pantry.

Participating with YVC and giving back to my community has allowed me to excel academically, opening doors to leadership roles. One of the goals of YVC is to empower youth to find and solve needs that they see throughout their own community. At my high school, I noticed there was a need to better recognize and serve the student body. This led me to cofounding my schools secret service club titled RAK CV in 2015, which has been a rewarding experience. RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. The whole purpose of this entity is to anonymously fulfill the needs of the student body and faculty.

Just as my life has been blessed and shaped by remarkable service-oriented mentors and teachers, I see myself doing the same for younger generations by educating and impacting others’ lives for good. Thus, I am currently considering pursuing a secondary teaching career in music and history. I will be a successful graduated university student, a proactive, professional teacher, and an active member of society who is constantly engaged in learning, serving and becoming better each and every day.

Wow! We can’t wait to see where you go in life, Matthew! Thanks for devoting so many hours to making a difference with YVC!

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