Introducing: the Big Build Grant


Youth Volunteer Corps creates volunteer opportunities to address community needs and to inspire youth for a lifetime commitment to service.

YVC Headquarters (YVCHQ) knows that having reliable funding is a major factor for a successful youth service program. We seek to add value to our affiliate partners by offering grants as often as we can. This internal grant-making allows YVC to keep resources dedicated to high quality programming and provides affiliates with the opportunity to add capacity to their operating budgets.

Review the following guidelines to apply for the Big Build Grant.


The Big Build Grant is made possible by the Sunderland Foundation. YVC’s partnership with Sunderland aims to increase the development of, and interest in, trade skills prevalent in construction, which has been one of the hardest segments of the workforce to staff with skilled workers. We want to improve the outcomes of our entire network through large construction-related initiatives, so our goal is to increase the number of project hours, resulting in increased impact to our communities and youth volunteers. Affiliates should also demonstrate how their Big Build initiative will be used as a recruitment opportunity for new volunteers.


  • Successful applicants will demonstrate one construction-related initiative, at a BIG scale.
  • Your Big Build initiative must complete a minimum of 400 hours of service. This could be 10 youth volunteers coming together for 10 Saturdays, volunteering four hours at a time or 100 youth volunteers coming together on one day to volunteer four hours. Affiliates should use their best judgement to determine the best way to meet the minimum hours requirement within the scope of their initiative and program capacity. Knowing that many projects do not reach full capacity, be sure to plan accordingly to meet the minimum of 400 actual service hours.
  • Your project initiative should clearly be construction-specific and should teach various construction skills to youth. You are encouraged to reach out to local construction companies or high school shop teachers, etc. to help teach construction skills during projects led by YVC. Examples of Big Build initiatives could including building a storage shed for a local nonprofit, reconstructing a city fountain, renovating several rooms in a high school, or building a house with Habitat for Humanity.
  • Project initiatives may be hosted jointly by multiple regional affiliates, as long as there is still a focus on recruitment.
  • Initiatives must be complete before August 31, 2019. Special permission will be required if your initiative will not be completed prior to this date.

Need help coming up with ideas? Make sure to attend the construction project workshop at Summit 2018 that can help you brainstorm!


Only active YVC affiliates in good standing are eligible for affiliate grants, including the Big Build Grant. Affiliates in good standing are current on all fees or dues payments, data collection, or reports for YVC (as applicable). Grant funding preference is given to affiliates who effectively follow YVC’s 8 program standards well. This includes fidelity to the YVC model, Summit participation, timely and comprehensive reporting, and responsiveness to Headquarters staff from all grantees.


Affiliates applying for the Big Build Grant can request funding ranging from $2,000 – $40,000. This is a competitive grant process. The total amount awarded within the network will vary depending on applications submitted, but is is likely that multiple affiliates could receive funding. Applicants should demonstrate their ability to effectively administer their requested level of funding. Grants will be awarded based on the quantity and quality of applications received. Recipients of the Big Build Grant will receive half of the award money up front, and the second half upon successful completion of their initiative.


The Big Build Grant application is due by Friday, November 30, 2018. Grantees will be announced by mid-December of 2018.

DON’T FORGET: You will receive a confirmation email after successful submission of your grant. If you do not receive one, please try again and contact YVCHQ to ensure successful submission. You may also begin writing your grant and save your progress and finish it at a later time.


Grantees will be required to provide brief updates to YVCHQ during quarterly check-in calls/emails and to submit an online report form after their initiative takes place (due by September 30, 2019) including total number of youth involved, the number of hours served, and number of project days. Grantees will be required to submit photos from their initiative, with volunteers wearing properly branded YVC apparel in the majority, if not all, photos.

QUESTIONS about eligibility or the submission process? Contact Sydney Slavin at or Amanda Moser at, or by phone at 816-472-9822.

This grant application has closed. Please contact YVCHQ with any problems or questions.