Honoring Dr. King through service

Every single day Youth Volunteers across the country are serving with YVC, but last Monday, they were serving for one purpose: to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Hundreds of youth served with YVC to honor Dr. King, who was one of the greatest volunteers of the last century. Whether they were scrubbing a homeless shelter or playing bingo with residents of a retirement home, they were living out Dr. King’s vision of a community.

Below are just some of the great things that Youth Volunteers accomplished on MLK Day:

  • YVC of the Capital Area turned their day off into a day on to help beautify several local schools. They painted inspirational murals, painted the school colors and motto in common areas, and more.
  • YVC of Western Connecticut launched a three-month long service program that began on MLK Day. Thanks to a grant from the UnitedHealth HEROES program – a service-learning, health literacy initiative developed by United Healthcare and Youth Service America – YVCWC kicked off a program focusing on nutrition awareness. The program will culminate with the building of (literally) a Healthy Wall of Food at a local mall on Global Youth Service Day on April 21.
  • YVC of Racine began their day with a rally to honor Dr. King at the local Martin Luther King monument (see photo at the top of the page), then they dispersed to a variety of service projects throughout the city. About 250 Youth Volunteers served on projects, including one group who volunteered at a local retirement home making crafts with the residents and talking with them about their dreams, in honor of Dr. King’s dream.
  • YVC of the Eastern Upper Peninsula organized 100 disaster-preparedness kits for senior citizens in the community.
  • YVC of Grant County, New Mexico made signs and held a rally to promote Dr. King’s teachings of social justice, diversity and civil disobedience.

Thanks to everyone who gave up their day off to make a difference in their communities!