Happy 15th Anniversary to YVC of St. Joseph, MO!

St. Joseph 15th Anniversary - 2016

A Youth Volunteer can serve as little as one hour with YVC and see that his life has been changed. So when hundreds of youth serve thousands of hours over the years, cleaning parks, reading to kids and serving meals to the homeless, the impact is profound.

Since YVC of St. Joseph launched 15 years ago, hundreds of youth have made a difference in the community. They have helped at animal shelters, visited seniors in assisted living centers, cleaned up lakes, built homes with Habitat for Humanity and more. Just in the last year alone, 173 Youth Volunteers served 2,589 hours with YVC of St. Joseph.

These Youth Volunteers have transformed their community, and they have found themselves transformed in the process.

Thank you to Youth Alliance for hosting the YVC of St. Joseph program for 15 years!

St. Joseph 2015 - 1


St. Joseph 2015 - 2


St. Joseph 2015 - 5


St. Joseph 2015 - 6


St. Joseph 2015 - 7

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