Hardworking Employees: Employers of National Service

Summit 2015 (36)

We know that serving through AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps is a life-changing experience that equips people with valuable skills, benefiting them in future roles. That’s why Youth Volunteer Corps is proud to be an Employer of National Service.

Employers of National Service connect AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni to employers like YVC throughout the private, public and nonprofit sectors. These employers have increased access to a pool of talented potential employees who have already demonstrated their passion for service. Through AmeriCorps, these alumni have developed leadership abilities such as teamwork and time-management, along with many other transferable skills. It’s a win-win for both of us.

Almost half of the current YVC staff are AmeriCorps Alums, and we have AmeriCorps representation on our Board of Directors. Several former YVC AmeriCorps Members have also begun careers that stemmed directly from their service. We are proud to be an Employer of National Service! If you want to tap into the potential of service alumni too, sign up your business or organization to become an Employer of National Service today.