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Miracle Marte is an example of how youth grow during YVC service. Her story reminds us that our future is made brighter by people who care about each other and their communities. Help YVC  reach more youth by making a donation today.


Miracle spent five days with a YVC affiliate in Reading, PA at a camp designed to empower youth and help them realize how important they are in building stronger communities. 

I loved how the activities we have done made me become a more compassionate person. These lessons of self worth will make me feel at home knowing the things I can change and the people that love me. Youth Volunteer Corps helped me learn so much about myself and the community.

Our group project is important to me because labeling leads to hate and it hurts to see violence on the news. Believe me, I want to make the world a better place and our campaign is making us one step closer to accomplishing our goal. There are 7.3 billion people in the world and it only takes one person to change it. I want people to know that they can have faith in the future of us. #LoveNotLabels

Since 1987, 305,000 youth ages 11 to 18 have served more than 5 million hours at YVC projects. In 2018, YVC participated in an independent study that documented the positive impact on youth who participate in programming. As someone who cares about building a brighter future for all, you know the value of investing in tomorrow’s leaders. By donating to YVC, you ensure more youth have the opportunity to develop life and career skills. 

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