David Battey: Kindest Kansas Citian

David and Youth Volunteer

We’re excited to announce that YVC’s Founder and President David Battey has been selected as one of the Kindest Kansas Citians for 2013! The Kindest Kansas Citian program celebrates ways that people all over the Kansas City metro area show kindness. These individuals are selected through an essay contest for area students to nominate someone who has inspired them with their kindness.

Elizabeth Leach, a 13 year-old Youth Volunteer who has already served nearly 300 hours with YVC of Greater Kansas City, wrote the essay below to nominate David. She was one of 6,000 students who contributed essays, and her essay honoring David was one of the 20 chosen for the Kindest Kansas Citian awards for 2013.

Congrats, Elizabeth, on your essay being chosen! Here’s what she said about the Kindest Kansas Citian:


David Battey is a truly giving man. Kansas City really needed a man like him. So many organizations, families, adults and children have benefited from his work. Mr. David Battey said he wanted to see a change in the city, a new way to improve his surroundings. He noticed many homeless people on the streets, people suffering of starvation and many more conflicts. One quote that he wished to follow was, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” said by Mahatma Gandhi, and put into action by David Battey. In 1987 Mr. Battey thought kids should be able to work and be the change they wish to see and not only adults, so he started an organization called the Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC).

YVC is a nonprofit organization that allows kids ages 11-18 to volunteer hours for school, probation and just for fun. This group is led by intelligent people called Team Leaders. The main purpose of YVC is to create and increase volunteer opportunities to enrich youth, address community needs and develop a lifetime commitment to service. It first started out as a small volunteer group that not many people knew about. There were advertisements set up around the Kansas City metro area. David Battey was the president of this organization and his dream was germinating.

Elizabeth addressing group

David Battey is such a kind soul to all of the volunteers and organizations where we volunteer. He has a welcoming smile and a comely laugh. His dream took a lot of work to accomplish. Mr. Battey has been able, along with many other important members of YVC, to expand YVC to many different states and Canada. He has inspired so many people including me. I am one of the 270,325 volunteers that use my time for my community. That number was the number of  volunteers there were since 1987 serving more than 4,248,492 hours. Also, I agree that it is pertinent to kids’ lives to volunteer and give to their community and believe in what only they believe in. After 25 years, David Battey’s heart has grown bigger and bigger for the youth and his community.


Thanks, Elizabeth, for such wonderful words and for being such a committed YVC volunteer! For the record, we think you’re one of the kindest Kansas Citians too!